Thursday, June 03, 2010

Recommended listening: Matthew Carefully (Loiacono) "Community Balloon"

Last week Collar City Records released guitarist George Muscatello's brilliant Angel Dust.

This week the label has released Community Balloon by the multi- talented Matthew Carefully.

In the fall of 2008, Matthew Carefully, aka Matthew Loiacono, started an email list to reach out to friends and fans on a weekly basis. Community Balloon is a collection of songs culled from responses to a request he made from his subscribers to submit ideas for potential songs. According to Collar City Records:

The content that came back after the initial call for entries was nothing short of excellent. Matthew received ideas, lyric snippets, poems, sound samples, challenges, and much more. He began to create songs from this material and delivered them to the list each week. Seven weeks went by and judging by the feedback he received from list members, he realized that the songs were some of the best compositions he'd written to date.

I'd tend to agree. Songs like "Shape," "The Age of Reason II" and "Clever" are easily my favorite compositions from Matthew's ever-growing catalog of original music.

Click here to sample/purchase the music directly from Matthew.

Community Balloon is also available through Collar City Records, iTunes, Amazon MP3, and eMusic.

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