Thursday, May 27, 2010

Recommended listening: George Muscatello "Angel Dust"

This week Collar City Records released guitarist George Muscatello's brand new album entitled Angel Dust - a truly enjoyable listening experience that I can safely say sounds like nothing I've ever heard before.

While the recording features a handful of collaborators - including drummer Danny Whelchel, bassist Mike DelPrete, pianist Adrian Cohen, poets Pierre Joris & Nicole Peyrafitte and yours truly on saxophone - Angel Dust is all Muscatello.

Shades of metal, classical, jazz, and funk are performed by guitar after guitar layered one on top of another to create a unique tapestry of sound that could only come from one of the most unique musical visionaries I've ever met.

Have a listen for yourself and stream the first two tracks of the album here.

Then go pick up a copy of the album from George, iTunes, Amazon or eMusic.

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