Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Tribute To Esbjorn Svensson & E.S.T.

Bill McCann once again invited me on his "Saturday Morning Edition of Jazz" radio program on WCDB 90.9 FM this morning, this time to pay tribute to the late Esbjorn Svensson and his group E.S.T.

Over the course of two hours we played a mix of tunes from the albums Somewhere Else Before, Strange Place For Snow, Seven Days Of Falling, Viaticum, Live In Berlin, Tuesday Wonderland and Live In Hamburg. Here's what was played:


Elevation Of Love” (6:44)
CD: Seven Days Of Falling (2003)
Track: #7

Goldwrap” (6:15)
CD: Live In Hamburg (2007)
Track: #4 on disc two

Tide Of Trepidation” (7:13)
CD: Viaticum (2005)
Track: #1

Dodge The Dodo” (5:25)
CD: Somewhere Else Before (2000)
Track: #2

Eighthundred Streets by Feet” (6:49)
CD: Tuesday Wonderland (2006)
Track: #8

Behind The Yashmak” (15:32)
CD: Live In Hamburg (2007)
Track: #5 on disc two

The Well-Wisher” (3:47)
CD: Viaticum (2005)
Track: #3

Seven Days Of Falling” (6:27)
CD: Seven Days Of Falling (2003)
Track: #2

Tuesday Wonderland” (6:32)
CD: Tuesday Wonderland (2006)
Track: #2

Serenade For The Renegade” (4:26)
CD: Strange Place For Snow (2002)
Track: #2

Did They Ever Tell Cousteau” (6:05)
CD: Seven Days Of Falling (2003)
Track: #5

What Though The Way May Be Long” (6:23)
CD: Viaticum (2005)
Track: #9

A Picture Of Doris Traveling With Boris” (7:36)
CD: Viaticum – Live In Berlin (2005)
Track: #1 of disc two

Dolores In A Shoestand” (17:39)
CD: Live In Hamburg (2007)
Track: #2 on disc two

Here are the two YouTube videos I made reference to during the broadcast of Esbjorn's playing outside of E.S.T. It's great to hear him doing his thing in a group with Michael Brecker, Pat Metheny and others. The song is spread over two videos but in my opinion it's best viewed as a whole, played back to back.

Melody/Michael Brecker's solo:

Solos by EsbJorn Svensson, Pat Metheney, Nils Landgren:

While I'm at it, here's a video of E.S.T. playing "Behind The Yashmak" live at Jazz à Juan Les Pins festival in France in 2003:

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